Access Control channel system bring the convenience of corporate factory

Enterprise access control has been a bad problem, imagine a small and medium factories, every morning, while thousands of people to enter the factory gate scene within half an hour, who have entered the factory? whether they have a legal status and privileges? Who did not come to work? they have no tardiness? At the same time and who poured into a factory, whether they have the appropriate permissions?Managers should want to be able to understand the most accurate information in the shortest time about these problems.   

The usage of intelligent Access Control System adopts attendance, monitoring, fingerprints with turnstile barrier will be a good solution. Shenzhen City Kar-Info Computer Technology Co., Ltd. smart card access control information management system, the characteristics and needs of various enterprises and the development of user access control system to meet our customers centralized management and decentralized access control all aspects of demand. Enterprises and units to solve the access unit for employees and personnel management and registration issues, bring them convenience.

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Welcome to visit us at booth A015/Hall A1 in Vietnam Secutech

Welcome to visit us at booth A015/Hall A1 in Vietnam Secutech

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Welcome to Visit us in Dubai 2017 Intersec

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