April 1998 "JLHIS" was awarded the Special Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress in Dongguan City;

June 1998, CCTV reported the development and application of "JLHIS";

Mar.1999 "JLHIS" passed the evaluation of the State Ministry of Health;

June 1999 The company carried out ownership reform and changed its name to "Guangdong Jiaxuntong Information Technology Co;

Nov. 1999 JLHIS obtained the Certificate of Registration of Computer Software Copyright, including ten subsystems;

January 2000 Jiaxuntong smart card information system passed the evaluation of Hunan Provincial Health Department, and began to promote the use of Hunan;

April 2000 "Jiaxuntong Smart Card Information System" was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China and was listed as a project of the 2000 National Torch Program;

August 2000, Li Lanfang, vice governor of the province, led the heads of medical institutions at all levels to hold on-site meetings in Changping, Shilong and other hospitals in our city to implement the one-day list system developed by our company;

November 2000 Jiaxuntong smart card information system following the January through the Hunan review and then is through the Hubei Provincial Department of Health review, began to promote the use of Hubei in full;

November 2000, cooperated with Guangdong Fudi Science and Technology Corporation to set up "Guangdong Jiaxuntong Information Technology Co., Ltd." and established Wuhan University Dongguan Research Institute;

December 2000 Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Hangzhou and Dalian branches were established successively;

Mar. 2001 Awarded the certificate of 2000 National Torch Plan Project;

Aug. 2001 Awarded the Certificate of Software Enterprise and Software Product of Guangdong Province;

Dec 2001 Awarded the Dongguan Municipal Science and Technology Enterprise Innovation Award;

Mar. 2004 Passed the test of "Jiaxuntong Smart Card Information Management System" of Hunan Provincial Department of Health.