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Flap turnstile CF238FLG-YN

OEM Designed flap barrier gates


Luxury Flap turnstile

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Flap turnstile CF238FLG-YN

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1.  Item:  Automatic Flap turnstile
2.  Power consumption: 50W
3.  Housing Size: 1400x280x980mm
4.  Housing material:1.5--2mm, #304 Stainless Steel, Matt finish
5.  Channel width:550--600mm
6.  Arm length: 500mm
7.  Arm turning angle: 120°
8.  Pass speed: 25 persons/min.
9.  Power supply: 220Vac 50Hz or 110Vac 60Hz
10.Input signal: optional DC12V level signal or DC12V pulse signal
11.Communication interface: RS485 or TCP/IP
12 Arm drop while power off: Yes
13. Working temperature: -30°C~+70°C
14. Working environments: Indoor, outdoor
15. Relative humidity: ≤95% coagulation free
16. MCBF: 3,000,000 cycles
17. Warranty: 1 year
18. Outside packing Plywood box: 1550x400x1060mm
19. Pieces per box :1 pcs / box
20. Gross weight: 110KG

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